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End-to-end automation for your digital business management

Next Generation Automated Business

strategy automation

Preparation and implementation of market and competitor analyses

The Cycle Quantum Hyperautomation Strategizer searches diverse, defined online and on-premise sources for the presentation of market and competitive data including daily business reports, financial and press information. Data classified as relevant is extracted and evaluated according to defined criteria. The consolidated data is structured in an interactive dashboard and analysis final report and is displayed in real time for decision-making processes of digital business management. The Cycle solution technology automates the continuous strategic planning/business development process by automating about 720 manual steps, saving about 60 hours of work per week and Planning quality of the company KPIs on 7% is improved. In addition, the quality of the actual strategy work improves, as the additional time can be invested in better analysis and planning.

Improving decision making through needs monitoring

Cycle technology for demand monitoring in continuous strategic or adaptive planning, already used by numerous customers in various industries to identify and capture thousands of relevant information inputs in a structured way. This information is then scaled and linked to prepare critical decisions in connection with demand planning, site selection, personnel analysis, etc. on an evidence-based basis. Cycle continuously develops robot technology to optimize scenario-based business planning.

Portfolio Planning Automation

For automated portfolio planning, Cycle Cognitive Technologies are the right choice for data-driven portfolio planning and optimization. Cycle Bots automate the external data preparation, which is critical for the review of the current portfolio as well as for the development of the own portfolio. Cognitive robotics is the perfect support as a partner to humans for the analysis and planning of strategic scenarios. The results are displayed in a dashboard, which can be touched with the Cycle Soft-Touch technology if desired

Financial forecasting and KPI benchmarking

Cycle Strategizer Predictive Bot extracts and evaluates financial metrics from corporate reports and various big-data sources to create interactive trends and forecasts for predictive business analytics. Based on defined and possible entry scenarios, sales targets, KPIs, OKRs and other relevant target figures are compared and evaluated in real time. A risk matrix is automatically generated and, if desired, integrated into business reports. The review process is initiated and the risks are passed on to those responsible for review. In this way, cycle clients can keep an eye on their objectives at all times and, if action is required, adaptive countermeasures can be taken immediately to achieve the objectives. In addition to the Cycle Soft Touch technology, this solution is also possible with language assistants, no more time-consuming manual reports or report creation battles. You ask and the Cycle Strategizer answers - anytime. Guaranteed.

Budget Management and Finance KPIs

The Cycle Strategizer Budget Bot automatically collects data and key figures from budget management and financial performance and creates periodically or on-demand a special report and converts it into an interactive dashboard. For the desired and subsequent review process, key results from various sources are collected to form a superior strategy reporting. The key results are set in relation to strategic KPIs, financial targets and other specific challenges and any need for action is identified in real time. In addition, the Cycle Strategizer Budget Bot scans the financial planning analysis and, if desired, uses Cycle Labs algorithms to create an action plan for a predefined period as a recommendation for action. The review process forwards the result to the responsible parties for decision making. Faster and better quality decision-making processes in real time.

Dynamic Market Trends

"Cycle Hyperautomation Strategizer" automatically detects the emergence of new products and services in the relevant markets. Especially due to technological progress, new competitors with innovative value propositions enter the market "overnight" with their own offerings. This new quality of the "overnight" surprise effect of the digital economy requires a dynamic solution and answer for the digital business management, as it is already known in many cases from dynamic pricing solutions. The quick recognition of such market-relevant situations is absolutely critical for success and usually leads to a need to adapt your business model. In most cases, this also leads to a change in the required competencies in the business operating model.
A key factor in competitiveness will be the ability to identify foreseeable trends over a maximum period of 5 years into the future, to analyse them continuously and to derive necessary action scenarios for your company at an early stage.
"Cycle Hyperautomation Strategizer" has a solution that can be used "as a service".

Governance Automation

Regulatory Risk Testing and Reporting (RTR)

Cycle Automation experts have automated a large part of regulatory reporting processes in highly regulated industries. This comprehensive tool for capital analysis and compliance verification will revolutionize the work of regulatory reporting by automating data testing, monitoring AI algorithms, problem management, and tracking and tracing. Cycle Hyperautomation can permanently optimize efficiency by up to 30%. Cycle Automation uses intelligent, interconnected processes and algorithms to include control testing for the audit functions to monitor compliance with internal and external regulations and policies.

Regulatory and compliance in financial and account governance

Cycle Hyperautomation Framework applies intelligent RPA procedures and AI methods to automate most manual document reconciliation steps for treasury and banking partners and to cost-effectively verify large volumes of smaller balance claims over the claims lifecycle. Cycle Automation makes it easy to automate the repetitive, time-consuming task of creating and updating testing lead sheets, such as for the Sarbanes-Oxley Act). This automation allows hundreds or thousands of reports to be generated in minutes instead of hours or days. This increases the process handling capability many times over. This is particularly relevant for time-critical transactions in the business operating model.

Intelligent Accounting, Audit and Tax (AAT) Bot

The Cycle AAT Bot is used in accounting for automatic reconciliation between the general ledger and the subsidiary ledger. The Cycle Hyperautomation Framework offers the intelligent AAT Bot as a human assistant to determine the correct accounting treatment. In addition, the AAT Bot can be used to process certain taxes, fees or charges automatically.
The AAT Bot is suitable for medium to high transaction volumes and for meeting important (payment) deadlines, as the transactions are fully completed by means of automated interactions.
Audit processes for commercial mortgage loans or the reconciliation of the monthly VAT advance return, especially for large corporate groups, are further use cases for the Cycle AAT Bot.

Payroll Accounting Audit (LGA) Assistant

Every month, the Cycle LGA Assistant automatically checks the employer's statutory social security contributions against the local declaration of the place of work or establishment, automatically reconciles them and issues an automatic compliance report to the company management for verification and verification purposes.
The LGA assistant can also communicate with the employees for service purposes. Employees can use an automatically created account form request to send all necessary requests to HR or to the LGA Assistant. The LGA Assistant identifies the form type and any additional form attachments, processes the request or sends personalized instructions for completion. The result: fewer media breaks in processes, faster HR service and higher employee satisfaction with HR services.

Automated Revenue Processing (ARP)

It does not matter which credit-side or debit-side sales types are involved. The Cycle Automated Revenue Processing Assistant (ARP) helps to automatically create local sales tax returns and send them to the tax authorities within the deadline. Trade receivables (FLL) and trade payables are automatically checked and consolidated, especially in the case of very heterogeneous data and IT landscapes. Analytical and interactive reports according to the balance sheet are generated and interactively displayed in an ARP dashboard.

Governance & Controlling Alignment (GCA)

The digital economy and digital business management is based on clear rules that are necessary to realize digital value creation. Successful digitisation, transformation and automation therefore requires the actual organisational life of the company's own governance structures and responsibilities.

The Cycle Hyperautomation Framework consists of a combination of automated structures and processes that reflect the organization and can be flexibly adapted at any time.

The necessary or value-adding activities of the organization are automatically aligned, managed and monitored in the controlling process to achieve the strategic goals.

Cycle Automation has the experience that more control processes do not necessarily lead to better success factors or successes. An increase in control processes can lead to the suppression of creativity and innovation factors or necessary dispositive freedom. The "Cycle Hyperautomation Framework" therefore offers the possibility to implement controlling in the sense of competitiveness on different levels, taking into account the future company and product development.


Automated Exchangerate Assistant (AEA)

The Cycle Automated Exchangerate Assistant (AEA) records and processes the Exchange rates for defined currencies and produces corresponding analyses. The AEA generates a report file and identifies the deviations in order to determine the corresponding Correction process to be initiated. At the same time in automated invoicing processes The exchange rates valid at the time are processed and archived for each business transaction in accordance with local tax and accounting regulations (IFRS etc.). The report files are displayed in the interactive dashboards are available for audit purposes in real time.

Automated Cash Collection (ACC)

The Cycle Automated Cash Collection (ACC) Assistant checks the Incoming payments according to predefined criteria and compares them with the available Customer master data in the Customer Relationship Management System. All data that cannot be clearly assigned to a customer Incoming payments are immediately checked visually / error handling automatically reported. any corrections the ACC Assistant takes over and harmonizes the collection of the relevant data and new learning rules for automated learning puzzles and applies this new findings are automatically applied to the next case of the same type. This follows the Autmatization maxim: "Fix it first time - Apply Solution Multitimes".

Credit Management & Reporting (CMR)

Credit Management & Reporting (CMR) is a Cycle Assistant that can be used in various process steps of Lending and maturity monitoring of loans can be used flexibly. Beginning with the automated entry of the credit application, through checking and automatic approval processes, to maturity monitoring, the possibilities of the Credit management costs as efficiently as possible, there are hardly any limits. Automatic reporting on outstanding delivery objects, which in turn can be simple from payment transactions or, in other industries, can involve complex trades.

Digital Debt Collection (DDC)

Especially in banking, the customer's account statements are automatically generated. RPA is used to create reports in the case of rejected bank collections and fully automated dunning letter to the customer. The documents that are to be sent within the scope of the Internal control system necessary test cases are automatically selected and automatically tested.

Dynamic Fraud Detection (DFD)

The reliable and dynamic real-time detection of internal and external fraudulent content is a vital prerequisite for the trust and sustainable success of digital business.

The Cycle Dynamic Fraud Protection (DFD) technology offers highest Efficiency in identifying automated cyber and security attacks in the field of financial technology. Our DFS solutions and engineers are able to anticipate user behaviour and take the right and immediate action and corrective measures. "Cycle Quantum Hyperautomation Framework" has an advanced module containing millions of patterns and statistics to identify unrealistic "patterns" and behaviour. Unusual activities are detected using a normalized, trained data model using artificial intelligence or machine learning (ML) methods.


Automated Recruiting- and On-Boarding (AROB)

The Cycle Hyperautomation Framework offers with the AROB Assistant a complete Recruiting and onboarding solution. With the AROB Assistants, candidates can easily apply with any device. The Cycle AROB Assistants process the profiles of the candidates and shortlist them on the basis of the selection criteria (Shortlisting phase 1). The remaining candidates on the shortlist are potential candidates for a pre-screening interview, which is also conducted automatically by the Cycle AROB Assistants. The result is a group of final shortlisted candidates (Shortlisting phase 2), who are ready for a personal conversation. The process continues, as interviewers can enrich the AROB assistants with the result of the interview so that an automatic evaluation phase can be initiated based on predefined final selection criteria. Finally, the final candidate receives a fully automated on-boarding process that includes his or her account access information and on-boarding material.

Digital Staff Requirements Planning (DSRP)

With the Cycle DSRP Assistants you can Employee requirements in the context of Employee Requirements Planning on the basis of the analysis of, for example, pensioners, market trends or fluctuations, can be identified at an early stage and reported accordingly. Company processes are coordinated with different systems by the Cycle DSRP Assistants to cover a full planning scope. Additionally, through continuous Machine Learning (ML) technology, the Cycle DSRP Assistant evaluates employee history data to create intelligent personnel development plans that help improve the productivity and quality of the company and also increase employee satisfaction. As part of this solution the HR Processes within your organization, eliminate delays due to manual activities and achieve efficiency gains. After implementing the Cycle Hyperautomation Framework, employee productivity increases noticeably with higher satisfaction. We call this: from working in the system to working on the system. Please feel free to ask us.

Automatic Skill Needs Analysis (ASNA)

The Cycle Skill Needs Analysis with the Automatic Skill Needs Analysis (ASNA) Assistants has set a milestone in the automatic assessment of current roles and competencies within an organization for the respective business operating model. The "Cycle Hyperautomation Planner" recognizes future roles and competencies required for business models of the future. This also includes the associated development needs and skills for employees. The result of our ASNA Assistants in this area is the Competence Profile Map with which you can identify early on skill shifts in current roles such as Identify new roles and competencies You can design training needs and recruit faster than any other competitor in your industry.

The Asan Assistant is the compass and navigation centre for company training. In concrete terms, this means that competencies and roles are defined in the context of the concrete requirements of the Business model are in harmony. In this way, the company's further training needs and business model are in harmony and the basis for adjusting the further training strategy has been laid. Interactive dashboards provide deep insights into the company's capabilities, which can be used to ensure a strong Competitive Position are required in the business opearintg model, which is usually hardly recognizable without this technology.

Individual Company Learning Objectives (ICLO)

Digital (learning) technologies and media alone do not automatically lead to better educational solutions and learning and business success. The current and future use of digital learning solutions in business must be well thought out. The linchpin of all considerations and evaluation of digital business technologies from a didactic point of view is the current and future business operating model. "Cycle Hyperautomation Miner" brought the so-called 4K Competencies (creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication) in human resources management through digital technologies. Basically, the 4K competencies of each employee are automatically determined and evaluated to create an individual Learning program digitally, which is implemented through clear learning objectives and learning technologies. These goals ensure the future competitive advantage of your company. All Cycle Automation Individual Company Learning Objectives (ICLO) Assistants are already pre-configured via interactive dashboards to plan and implement the required competencies in your business operating model at least one step in advance.

Automated Company Training Strategy (ACTS)

Company Training Strategy has the improvement of company performance and deals with the control of the performance of your current or future company training solution. The objective of Performance Management for Cycle Automation is the systematic design and implementation of a multidimensional performance measurement, management and control, which is exactly what Cycle Automation Controller and Benchmarker offers.

In addition, various performance levels of further education (e.g. lecturers, teams, organisational areas, processes, learning satisfaction, learning effects, finances, innovative ability and employee motivation etc.) are analysed in detail using the Cycle Machine Learning (ML) Model. The overriding goal is the continuous improvement of the business model and enterprise performance through Cycle Hyperautomation Framework.

production & operations

Customer Experience and Service Automation (CESA)

The customer experience before and after the purchase, which is so important in the digital economy, is one of the most valuable and effective customer acquisition and retention tools.

By using the right data at the right time, Cycle, the Customer Experience and Service Automation (CESA) cycle from the Hyperautomation Framework family can significantly optimize service management and make operational improvements that deliver measurable, effective results. It is essential to analyze the billions of data points that each person leaves behind on their digital customer journey in digital business in real time. Our CESA Assistants are able to immediately generate tangible and measurable results through deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

The Cycle CESA Assistants are now able to handle initial inquiries, simple as well as complex customer requests according to the requirements. Our AI-supported digital assistants can process customer orders with greater precision. All this is already possible with the Cycle Hyperautomation product family - and more. The result: increased profitability, satisfied customers and more satisfied employees.

Cycle Process Miner (CPA)

Automated processes are no longer visible to humans and make people a little "dumber" because they forget the details over time or change companies. In another case, the processes of an acquired company are not transparent enough to effectively and efficiently plan and implement the business operating model of the future. Such situations are not uncommon. The actual situation can be continued almost indefinitely. What to do?
With the Cycle Process Miner (CPA), it is possible in no time at all to achieve the (re)required clarity and transparency in business processes on the basis of artificial intelligence methods.
The CPA provides the necessary power to give companies valuable insights into their business processes with data, interfaces, KPIs etc. The CPA also enables AI-based applications that reliably and uninterruptedly perform increasingly difficult operational tasks of your business operating model. For the Cycle Process Miner it does not matter at all which business or production processes are involved or with which application these processes are currently implemented. The CPA offers you maximum flexibility for effective planning and implementation of your future-proof business operating model.

Sourcing & Distribution

Request for Proposal and best-offer Automation (RFPA)

The Request for Proposal and best-offer Automation (RFPA) cycle is a digital assistant and uses an advanced rule-based system to determine from which three or more suppliers a company must request a quote.

For example, products must be delivered to location X in Europe under certain criteria: Cost, quality and safety, delivery, service, social responsibility, convenience/simplicity, risk, agility are the selection criteria. The Cycle RFPA Wizard is able to evaluate all necessary criteria of different suppliers and e.g. automatically request quotations from a national, a European and a non-European supplier, evaluate and assess them. Using predefined advanced algorithms, the Cycle RFPA Wizard can also automatically suggest which supplier your company should select depending on whether the supplier meets the selection criteria or not.

Digital and Technology

Cycle Transformation Performance Accelerator (CTPA)

The world is becoming more and more technology-driven and every industry has to redefine itself in the course of the digital transformation. Some industries have already undergone a transformation. Others - such as retail banking, the public sector and manufacturing - are under enormous pressure to innovate. Cycle automation technologies with the help of AI / machine learning are of enormous importance in the age of digital transformation. The Cycle Quantum Hyperautomation Framework provides a complete theoretical reference framework. In addition, practical digital transformation tools that map the life cycle from strategy, planning, execution, benchmarking, audit and controlling are covered in a simple and effective way.

For Cycle, it is now clear that the implementation of modern digital methods and strategies is the decisive requirement for the future viability of most companies. Companies that have implemented the Cycle Hyperautomation Framework with artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions will occupy top positions in their industry, will be more successful and therefore more future-proof. This can already be measured today.

Digital and Hybrid Business Model Management (DHDM²)

The advantages of Cycle the technology solutions in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning are manifold. The Cycle Hyperautomation Framework prepares your business model and transforms it into a purely digital or hybrid model depending on your strategy.

The modules of the Cycle Hyperautomation Framework focus on (1) creation and maintenance of digital strategies, (2) digital operations and (3) business centers of excellence. Cycle Framework can even adapt the mission and vision of your company to future products and services by predictive solutions of market trends. The agility of responding to market changes has been strongly taken into account so that existing processes can be transformed with just a few clicks. The model in the Cycle Hyperautomation Framework and the cycle approach have been designed and validated by top experts (practitioners, scientists and didacticians). In one sentence: Cycle Automation Digital and hybrid business models are scientifically sound and practically tested.

sales and marketing

Customer Order Process Automation (COPA)

The Cycle Hyperautomation product family provides Customer Order Process Automation (COPA) technology solutions that automate customer order tasks on an end-to-end basis, such as entering sales orders and creating the corresponding invoices. COPA is also able to automatically process invoices from different formats into consolidated data in a single database system. RPA technologies that not only automate the input of the data flow, but also process different levels of decision making and check for clear errors, help to achieve this.
The Cycle COPA solution transfers all data consistently within your organization and eliminates time-consuming manual tasks that are typically found in many cases by increasing accuracy, consistency, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Real-time Sales and Marketing Management (RTSM²)

Cycle Hyperautomation offers with the Real-time Sales and Marketing Management (RTSM²) Assistant advanced RPA and AI technology based on deep learning systems. The main goal is to convert new leads to customers and significantly increase the conversation rate in digital business.

With the implementation of RTSM², the further development of marketing and communication channels with your customers can be advanced effectively and more efficiently. Our RTSM² solution technology focuses on developing engagement with your customers in every phase and step of the sales tunnel. RTSM² enables immediate follow-up actions and interactions with your customers in real time to sustainably increase sales or profitability. Personalized communication with your customers (social media, chat, e-mails, newsletters, offers, voice) is also part of the Cycle RTSM²) to drive marketing and communication efforts and provide your customers with a unique experience. How nice that Netflix already knows what we want to see! It's amazing that Amazon is showing other products that we might be interested in and that's exactly how RTSM² works.

quality management

Quality Management Inspection Manufacturing (QMIM)

Cycle Automation offers professional and proven automation solutions for quality control in industrial production. For this purpose Cycle builds the quality data and process models on the basis of a trained Machine Learning System (ML) within the Cycle Quantum Hyperautomation Framework.

The model learns continuously and contains Quality characteristics and model data of good and broken product labels and characteristics, which can be used to compare and evaluate the end products automatically can be used. Our QMIM solution can automatically take corrective action within the process and data in reports and / or general ledgers log. Interactive dashboards are available in order to to gain deep insight into quality management data and for Product/process improvements Measures the necessary evidence to be provided.

Cycle Automation has more than 1100 use cases to automate your digital business management

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