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Cycle Robot Labs

Next Generation Automated Business

Why are robots important?

The subject of the Cycle Robot Labs is the so-called software robotics. Software robotics is of major relevance for the implementation of digital enterprises. Software robotics can be implemented in the form of so-called Chatbots, virtual assistants (graphical and/or via speech) or also in the form of avatars for the senses to become perceptible to humans and support as "assistants of humans" tasks that one or more humans would not even come close to achieving in time and quality.

Software Robots

The use of software robots in value-added networks and the Information Value Chain (IVC) in digital business are essential for the sustainable success of companies in the 21st century.

Expertise in software and hardware robotics

The software experts also support the Cycle business unit in this area SMART engineering , SMART Infrastructure  or Environment & Energy with expertise in software and hardware robotics for SMART Factories.

What requirements must a robot meet?

In the digital enterprise, software robots interact interactively with humans. Their task is to control, regulate or monitor the business processes or to support the human being in the digital enterprise in monitoring the automated execution.

Therefore the planning and implementation of a perfect human-machine interaction is essential and is the core component of the Cycle Quantum Hyperautomation (link) solution with the "Automation Control" (link). This means that the interaction must support as many human perception channels as possible in business operations. So not only visual or auditory. Here, Cycle draws on the experience of more than 10 years of pioneering work and incorporates haptics.

This means that the digital business model must be tangible and experiencable for people and can actually intervene in the business processes and their results for control purposes. This is exactly where common human-machine interactions have their limits due to a lack of mixed reality competence and automation cannot fully exploit their business success.

The solution!

The solution: Cycle Automation Robot Lab

With these remarks, it becomes clear that automation must be oriented and implemented to the people in the digital enterprise.

This requires the highest level of experience and extraordinary multidisciplinary expertise for perfect human-machine interactions that optimally master our clients' everyday business. Cycle Automation as part of the Cycle International Holding can draw on exactly this necessary expertise and provides companies with turnkey and usable software robots through its Center of Excellence organization "Cycle Robot Lab".

This means for our clients

Use of the global coverage and use of local resources of the Cycle Group

The speed of an agile medium-sized company with flexible expert teams

Software robotics RAPID prototyping and implementation

Cycle 24/7 Robot Center for our Software Robotics Lab clients

Clients benefit from more than 10 years of cycle experience in AI and 3D technology