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Next Generation Automated Business

Cycle Innovation Lab

Against this background, leapfrog innovations for digital corporate management are an important pillar for sustainable organisational and corporate success in the digital economy. The implementation of jump innovations with a maximum of security and trust requires the highest level of experience in the relevant markets, an absolute overview of technological developments, multidisciplinary expertise and trustworthy partners.
Cycle Automation as part of the Cycle International Holding fulfils the necessary expertise and requirements and provides this competence with its Center of Excellence organisation "Cycle Innovation Lab".

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Cycle Robot Labs

In the digital enterprise, software robots interact interactively with humans. Their task is to control, regulate or monitor the business processes or to support the human being in the digital enterprise in monitoring the automated execution.
Therefore the planning and implementation of a perfect human-machine interaction is essential and is the core component of the Cycle Quantum Hyperautomation (link) solution with the "Automation Control" (link). This means that the interaction must support as many human perception channels as possible in business operations. So not only visual or auditory. Here, Cycle draws on the experience of more than 10 years of pioneering work and incorporates haptics.

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Cycle Automation Algorithm Lab

These remarks make clear what is important to us as Cycle Automation: Algorithms are of the highest strategic importance, and in particular the business objectives and compliance with law and regulations as well as social and ethical standards must be beyond any doubt.
This requires the highest level of experience and extraordinary multidisciplinary expertise for the digital enterprise. Cycle Automation as part of Cycle International Holding can draw on exactly this necessary expertise and provides companies with turnkey and usable algorithms through its Center of Excellence organization "Cycle Algorithm Lab".

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