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Cycle Innovation Labs

Next Generation Automated Business

Why are innovations important?

Innovations are of fundamental importance for technological, social and economic progress, especially in the digital economy. Therefore, the evolutionary stages of development processes and are the cornerstones for the improvement of living and performance conditions in economy and society.

New and genuine innovations

Innovations are classified according to their degree of innovation into me-too innovations, quasi-new innovations and real innovations.

CycleSprung innovations

The Cycle Innovation Labs focus on "leapfrog innovations" that objectively create new and previously unknown solutions for digital business management.

Cycle Quantum Hyperautomation

A good example of this is the Cycle Quantum Hyperautomation Product and solution family. Jump innovations are to be counted among the real innovations.

What requirements must a jump innovation meet?

A leap innovation for digital business management is a real innovation that changes the business operating model with new digital as well as automated solutions, products and services significantly changing the markets and is not yet established in the market. Leap innovations create new markets, networks as well as benefit worlds and business areas.

Against this background, the undreamt-of radiance of leap-frog innovations for organisations and companies becomes clear. An enormously high effectiveness in the direction of competition and customers with simultaneous "real" differentiation in a way that only jump innovations can make possible.

As a rule, Cycle Jump innovations create a new experience curve in forward-looking digital business management and deliver real competitive advantage. It is particularly important to look into other areas outside the industry and not to follow the competition. Cycle Automation Innovation Labs: Future viability realized and delivered today.

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The solution: Cycle Innovation Lab

Against this background, leapfrog innovations for digital corporate management are an important pillar for sustainable organisational and corporate success in the digital economy. The implementation of jump innovations with a maximum of security and trust requires the highest level of experience in the relevant markets, an absolute overview of technological developments, multidisciplinary expertise and trustworthy partners.

Cycle Automation as part of the Cycle International Holding fulfilled the necessary expertise and requirements and with its Center of Excellence organization "Cycle Innovation Lab" this competence ready. This means for our clients:

Use of the neural cycle business model with global coverage

Jump innovations at high speed for best in class time-to-market

Application of genuine new technologies and combinations of technologies

Most flexible, efficient and sustainable digital business management

Clients benefit from more than 10 years of cycle experience in AI and 3D technology