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quantum automation

Next Generation Automated Business

end-to-end automation Digital business management  

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Cycle Automation develops and integrates products & solutions for the sustainable self-controlled digital enterprise of the 21st century. The core is the product and solution family.

"Cycle Quantum Automation" for digital business management. The starting point for digital corporate management is the control model of the company with its control parameters and business processes and their future-oriented automation with real-time feedback with self-initiating adaptive strategy decision processes for the corporate management. In this way, the necessary "Adaptive Management" for the VUCA world can be experienced and handled by humans. Cycle Automation Control places particular emphasis on the unique experience of human-machine coupling with soft touch technology for the tangible digital management of the future. In the planning and implementation of digital business management, no other approach to business management worldwide is more comprehensive, simple and effective than "Cycle Quantum Automation".

Automation Strategizer

Automate strategic business planning and implement real-time responsiveness to market changes Implement ambidextry and adaptive management

Automation Planner

Planning hyper automation according to the needs and technology neutral for the digital business operating model with its business processes. Typical guideline:

"Technology follows Business and Function"

Automation Miner

Navigate through your business processes with the unique Virtual Camera Process Automation Explorer. Explore and test business process variants to determine digital maturity and automation levels

Automation Benchmarker

Linking the internal and external corporate perspective for automated success control of the business operating model in real time. Enabling real-time decision for the VUCA world

Automation Executer

Selecting the right automation technology and planning its operational implementation . Controlling automation planning and management simply, effectively and efficiently. Anchoring strategic objectives operationally

automation control

Interaction between humans and the hyperautomation solution via different technologies and devices. Tangible digital business management with the

Cycle "Soft-Touch Technology"

Automation Auditer

Real-time monitoring of all relevant as well as compliance of the digital enterprise in operations and automatic improvements and adjustments of the control model for the business operating model

End-to-end automation for your digital business management

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