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Cycle Algorithm Labs

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Why are algorithms so important?

Algorithms form the business rules and regulations - the digital DNA - after the digital enterprise is supposed to work. Thus, algorithms provide all target results as a guideline and requirement. Algorithms are still very often mistakenly placed in the category of "technical constructs", thus misjudging their fundamental importance and power for the digital enterprise of the future, often with significant strategic consequences for organizations.

Algorithms in the Business Operating Model

An algorithm in the digital enterprise is a unique business rule of action for the handling of business transactions in the digital business operating model. Algorithms consist of a finite number of well-defined individual steps.

Algorithms in the digital enterprise

The tested and approved algorithm in the digital enterprise is then technically mapped for later execution in an automation solution of the Cycle Quantum Hyperautomation Framework and can also be mapped and made available in human language.

What are the minimum requirements that algorithms must meet?

Algorithms have at least two characteristic properties: uniqueness and determinability. Uniqueness means that an algorithm must not have a contradictory description. Business processes must not have contradictory descriptions, especially in the digital economy, because otherwise the advantages of the digital economy would not be realizable. Determinacy means that the algorithm must always deliver the same result under the same conditions. This is necessary in order to be able to sustainably ensure trust in the digital processes in Quantum Hyperautomation as well as for internal and external verification / compliance purposes.

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The solution: Cycle Automation Algorithm Lab

These remarks make clear what is important to us as Cycle Automation: Algorithms are of the highest strategic importance, and in particular the business objectives and compliance with law and regulations as well as social and ethical standards must be beyond any doubt.
This requires the highest level of experience and extraordinary multidisciplinary expertise for the digital enterprise. Cycle Automation as part of Cycle International Holding can draw on exactly this necessary expertise and provides companies with turnkey and usable algorithms through its Center of Excellence organization "Cycle Algorithm Lab". This means for our clients:

Use of the global coverage and use of local resources of the Cycle Group
The speed of an agile medium-sized company with flexible expert teams
RAPID prototyping and implementation for critical business situations that cannot be delayed
Cycle 24/7 Algorithm Interaction Service Center for our Algorithm Lab clients
Compliance with the highest quality and ethical standards
AI Audit Services