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Virtual Camera Process Automation Explorer

This unique product enables companies and organizations to implement digital transformation in the sense of a Hyper Automation Approach to implement their own Digital Operation Model.

You have the possibility to dive into your business processes by using different technologies. This can be done traditionally via a classic screen or via AR/VR technology and the "Virtual Camera Process Automation Explorer"it navigates intuitively through your business processes. At the same time you have the possibility to prioritize the business processes with regard to their importance for your business. Your business processes can be touched and experienced in the simplest way and they completely abandon the traditionally abstract idea of business processes. This makes your organization capable of acting in the age of ambidexia and more sustainable. Business processes get a human touch, which was not possible before.

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Black box challenge

You are currently facing a black box. In this black box your current business processes are hidden and regarding the concrete details of the processes you only know fragments and cannot really be sure how your business processes actually run. It is not uncommon in large and mature organizations that a three-digit number of applications and systems are involved in these business processes.

But how exactly in detail?

However, knowledge of how it works is an absolute prerequisite for digital transformation and automation, as this is also where the relevant digital business data is coupled. Their starting point must therefore be clear and transparent in detail, otherwise the path to their digital operating model can only be planned and implemented in fragmented form or not at all.

A graphical overview of the business processes

This is where our easy-to-use virtual eye, the "Virtual Camera Process Automation Explorer" comes in.

This virtual eye goes on a journey through your current or future applications and systems and automatically creates a graphical overview of your business processes in no time at all at an unprecedented breathtaking speed. In this way, you achieve the necessary real image of your current operating model and bring a first smile to your face. Our virtual eye keeps our promise to you: "Simplicity in complexity".
The "black box" is now becoming increasingly transparent and you will be able to evaluate your business processes step by step and very quickly in terms of process performance, strategic fit and options for action for your digital transformation, as well as planning your automation in real time. The basis for the following implementation.
Step by step in real time, your organization is then able to easily plan and implement its digital operating model at breathtaking speed. With this elementary important building block, the "Virtual Camera Process Automation Explorer", your organization creates the prerequisite for a high-performance organization for the 21st century. Pole Position.

By the way: The "Virtual Camera Process Automation Explorer" works with all applications and systems.

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Virtual Camera Process Automation Explorer

Due to the expected technological quantum leaps and thus even more intense competition, companies and organizations are facing the essential challenges of quickly and sustainably adapting or reinventing their business model and thus also their business processes to a true digital operating model and thus achieving even more efficient and uninterrupted business operations.


The digital transformation requires a so-called two-handed management and implementation (ambidextria) in order to achieve an uninterrupted business operation in the future. Uninterrupted in this context means that business operations can continue automatically even in the event of regional epidemics / worldwide pandemics. This leads to a unique competitive advantage in the own industry which in this case ensures the future of the own organization.
Ambidextrous management and implementation means on the one hand to lead the established business processes into the digital future in order to ensure current turnover and profit. This requires an exact knowledge of exactly these established business processes.

Reliable business process automation

Due to M&A transactions, permanent development and many IT systems that are often involved across company boundaries, organizations are confronted with a high degree of intransparency regarding the current status quo. This leads to the question of how historically grown business processes can reliably and efficiently achieve an up-to-date picture of the status quo. Time-consuming manual documentation of business processes is not helpful, because the processes usually change at the same time. At this point, a modern solution is needed to be able to continue to use established business processes in the digital future.

Strategic digital transformations

On the other hand, ambidextrous leadership means establishing new business processes for the new digital products and services in order to strategically achieve the goal of our own digital transformations. Here, too, classic methods of process recording are not effective, since the necessary fast time-to-market is not usually achievable and the new digital products/services are therefore simply too late to reach the market.

Cycle Research and Best Practice

To solve these challenges, new ways and solutions are necessary to know business processes in detail in the current status quo and to establish new business processes. To this end, we first defined the most important requirements for such a solution in the context of the research and best practice interviews.

Real-time acquisition

Fast and efficient real-time capture of the real image of current business processes

Business processes

Simple graphical representation and Comprehensibility and virtual immersion into the business processes in order to establish the starting point, which is then the basis for digital transformation and automation.

digital operating models

Enabling of a Houston Control Centres for planning the automation and the subsequent real-time control of the business processes or the Digital Operating Model.

ubiquitous access

ubiquitous access via smartphones, augumented reality devices, speech assistants, wearables, cyber-physical devices in all forms for maximum flexibility and Independence of location for planning and control and real-time reports on business process performance.

React just in time

Easy access for modification the implemented business processes in order to be able to react to market or technology changes just in time