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Automation Executer

Next Generation Automated Business

Cycle Hyperautomation Framework
Automation Executer – ADA

The core of the "Automation Executer" cycle is the targeted selection and operational implementation of the appropriate automation technology that can precisely achieve the business objectives of automation planning. This is exactly where the technologies and methods of artificial intelligence available on the market or new, company-specific, specific "cutting edge solutions" for optimum achievement of objectives come into play.

An excellent link between man and machine and between the analog and digital worlds.

We call this "Bridging Excellence" for best results. It is precisely at this point that the technological instruments to be used are decided upon for the digital enterprise. Together with the experts involved, the appropriate AI solutions from intelligent / cognitive robotic process automation, machine learning or deep learning as well as big data and date science are then defined and implemented to achieve the strategic objectives.

Digital employees for the digital company

The Automation Executer is the digital real-time library. From solution architecture to solution design per business model and business process area along the value chains and networks or the digital ecosystem.

On-demand customization

The predictability of the process flows and the traceability of the process results in the digital enterprise are absolutely transparent in order to be able to adapt to rapidly changing internal and external conditions in a secure and controlled manner on-demand at any time.

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