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automation control

Next Generation Automated Business

Cycle Hyperautomation Framework
automation control

In the everyday life of the digital enterprise, technologies and digital assistants take over important tasks for people, visibly or unnoticed. Sensors and interfaces enable their operation via the product Cycle Automation Control.

The interaction between man and machine

We have long become accustomed to the interaction between man and machine: a few gestures on the smartphone touch screen are all that is needed to view photos from the last holiday and enlarge individual images. In industry, engineers use VR glasses to make planned factory buildings accessible. Chat bots conduct automatic dialogues with customers in messengers.

The management of the digital enterprise

The digital enterprise can be controlled via touch, speech, gestures, virtual augumented or mixed reality. But how do the people who plan, manage and develop the digital enterprise communicate and react to these control options?

over 10 years of pioneering experience in the field of AI and 3D technology

For all this to work perfectly, a functioning human-machine interaction is needed in the digital enterprise. Cycle Automation attaches particular importance to making digital companies tangible and tangible. Here, Cycle Automation draws on more than 10 years of pioneering experience in the field of AI and 3D technology and has used this experience to develop "Cycle Soft-Touch" for Cycle Automation Control, which develops the immersion of people in the digital enterprise. Tactile control of digital enterprises. Anywhere. Anytime.