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Automation Benchmarker

Next Generation Automated Business

Cycle Hyperautomation Framework
Automation Benchmarker

The need for "Adaptive Management", already recognized at the strategy level, requires a clear and evidence-based basis for decision making that also provides this information in real time for the management. The product "Automation Benchmarker" is currently being created for exactly this purpose and application.

Focus on the business model

The "Automation Benchmarker" combines on the one hand the internal and the external perspective to control the success of the automated digital enterprise. The internal perspective focuses the results on business model / business process automation level and the external perspective integrates relevant market and competitive information into the real-time company management in an automated way.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The applied methods of Artificial Intelligence enable the pattern recognition of previously unknown facts, adaptation requirements for the business model and the identification of self-learning and other automation potentials.

mixed reality

The Automation Benchmarker makes Cycle Automation Control with Mixed Reality solutions tangible and tangible for people in corporate management.

soft touch

The virtual immersion into the business model and business processes will be made possible and thus cause-and-effect relationships in digital corporate management will become transparent and understandable in a way never seen before. We call this immersion the "soft touch": making virtuality tangible. This demonstrably improves the learning and comprehension effects in digital business management.