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Automation Auditer

Next Generation Automated Business

Cycle Hyperautomation Framework
Automation Auditer

The product cycle "Automation Auditer" monitors all relevant aspects of the digital enterprise in real-time during operation and uses all information of the implemented digital solutions of the "Automation Executer" for this purpose.

Strategic objective

“. The main objective is to permanently compare the digital results with the degree of fulfillment of the strategic objectives and to visualize them for analysis and decision-making processes. In addition, the "Automation Auditer" offers the possibility to automatically monitor and seamlessly document the algorithms used in AI solutions with regard to internal and external compliance.

Deviations are recorded in the "Automation Auditer

The "Automation Auditor" enables the fulfilment of legal requirements to be guaranteed. Likewise, specific requirements in regulated industries or industries with a high need for verification can be fulfilled easily and without complications. Deviations are recorded in the "Automation Auditor" and assigned to a measure with objectives and the result to be achieved and monitored.

Adaptation of the digital control model

The "Automation Auditer" information in turn serves as an important basis for the planning or adjustment of the digital control model in the digital enterprise in the "Automation Strategizer" and thus the Cycle Automation products join together to form the cycle typical integrative hyperautomation cycle for the sustainable development of the digital enterprise.

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