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About Cycle Automation

Cycle Automation was founded more than 10 years ago with a focus on 3D technology and AI. this was the beginning with a focus on the production and use of digital twins. already at this time, today's Cycle Automation has pioneered 3D technology for avataristics as well as mixed reality solutions and the development of artificial intelligence. this led to the Cycle Soft Touch technology for the unique human-machine coupling. in the further development the product and solution family "Cycle Quantum Hyperautomation" for digital business management was created.

Cycle Automation has now transferred this valuable knowledge and development expertise to solutions for digital business management in the 21st century. With Cycle Soft-Touch technology, Cycle Automation makes digital business management and development tangible for people and thus makes them experience it as well as sustainable.

Quantum Hyperautomation - Digital business management with the decisive difference

Cycle Automation develops and integrates products & solutions for the sustainable self-controlling digital enterprise of the 21st century. the product and "Cycle Quantum Hyperautomation" for digital business management is the core of the company.

The starting point for digital corporate management is the control model of the company with its control parameters and business processes and their future-oriented automation with real-time feedback with self-initiating adaptive strategy decision processes for the corporate management. In this way, the necessary "Adaptive Management" for the VUCA world can be experienced and handled by humans. Cycle Automation Control places particular emphasis on the unique experience of human-machine coupling with soft touch technology for the tangible digital management of the future.

In the planning and implementation of digital business management, no other approach to business management worldwide is more comprehensive, simple and effective than "Cycle Quantum Hyperautomation".

Highest performance and sustainability - delivered today.

That is our Cycle Automation performance promise.

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